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Program Clone Remover is one of the most reliable and effective tools to search and remove duplicate files. Besides, Clone Remover is one of the best utilities for today that carries out music compare and deletes musical duplicate files. Why? The program which carries out audio compare and mp3 compare should be functional. Clone Remover is a functional utility which hides the set of pleasant functions and possibilities in its small "body". Audio comparer like Clone Remover will be very useful if you need to find and remove musical duplicate files. Music comparison and mp3 comparison allow to find common features the compared files have and after mp3 compare the program takes out a verdict if the given files are duplicates.

To perform this function in the program you can use a special option «mp3/ogg/wma files with similar tags». The option automatically makes mp3 file compare and audio file compare within the directory specified by the user.

Having chosen the option «mp3/ogg/wma files with similar tags» press "Next". In a new window you will be suggested to choose the location within of which the program compares mp3 as well as carries out sound compare. The audio comparer like Clone Remover analyzes the content of both traditional locations like folders and disks and "non-traditional" ones. For this purpose the utility carries out music compare and audio compare in archives and network disks. Moreover the tool creates network disks itself.

It is not difficult to guess about how much useful this option is. Remember how much time you needed, for example, to archive the set of mp3 files you had to send to your friend! To programs carries out mp3 file compare and audio file compare also within network disks. If you have preliminary created some network disk on the basis of common network folder (this option is accessible in Clone Remover – called «Connect network drive»), sooner or later within such a network disk there can be appeared musical files. To compare digital audio or to carry out audio file compare it’s enough to choose the necessary network disk. The program will carry out mp3 file compare and audio file compare and then declare whether the disk contains musical duplicateу files.

For the program will compare mp3 and compare digital audio you should choose the directory to search duplicate files and to press "Next". In a new window the utility will carry out the analysis of the directory and musical files the directory contains. It’s necessary to remember the duration of mp3 comparison and music comparison depends on such parameters as the speed of PC work, folder size, the quantity of files the directory contains. You should remember the following rule: for mp3 comparison and music comparison was short choose such directory for the search which as you think contains a lot of musical duplicate files. As a rule they are the next folders as «Music», «Music files» and others.

When you’ve analyzed the directory it’s time to define what to do with the duplicate files found by the PC utility. After music compare, audio compare and sound compare the program shows the list of files which it considers to be musical duplicate files thanks to some signs (the similarity of mp3 tags, identical extension – for example, wma or ogg). You can remove the duplicates found by the audio comparer, move them to the Recycle Bin or copy.

Effective mp3 file compare and mp3 compare are not the only possibilities Clone Remover has. Besides you can keep the results of duplicate files search in a separate file.