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The program-image comparer Clone Remover is among the programs about which you can say "remarkable". Simple in usage, accessible even to new users, interactive, functional – all of this is the incomplete list of the program features.

The picture comparer is engaged in search and removal of duplicate files. One of the most widespread types of files which Clone Remover works with is image. The photo comparer (i.e. Clone Remover) does image comparison and picture comparison after which «makes» decision if it’s possible to consider images to be identical (i.e. duplicate files) after it compares images. And what to do if it’s yes.

The picture comparer like Clone Remover works surprisingly simple. The photo comparer finds in the hard disk (or in the special folder specified by the user) all files (for picture compare) and compare photos as well as compare diff. Image comparison is executed on the basis of such general characteristics as resolution, color depth, extension, file size. Thanks to such a photo compare the user has the opportunity to reveal level of file identity. Besides, picture compare is the good means to understand image difference.

When you compare pictures or make image compare, don’t forget about the speed you compare images and compare pictures with depends on your computer technical possibilities, software features as well as folder size you search for image compare in.

Image comparer like Clone Remover allows to carry out compare images without problems. Picture comparison passes in a few minutes (or seconds). If you do compare diff, compare photos or compare pictures, it’s enough to choose the option «Similar images» (the option allows to carry out image comparison and picture comparison) and to press «Next». The picture comparer will spend image compare and photo compare (depending on what you search) and after the photo comparer compares diff and compares photos, will give out you the results of picture compare and photo compare. Level image difference will be the sign of whether you can consider photographs you compare to be duplicate files.

Such photo comparer and image comparer as Clone Remover could ever forget about introduction of some possibilities for users.

After you compare photographs you receive the results (for example, images 1 and 2 are identical i.e. they are duplicates) you can not only remove the duplicate files but also transfer them in a special folder (the utility allows to move them to any folder) or to copy. The results of program duplicate search can be kept in the form of a separate file which the user can use when he need it.

Unconditional novelty for such tools which searches and deletes duplicate files (in particular, image duplicates) is the possibility to search for duplicate files in archives and in network disks. By the way you can create network disks in the program using the option «Connect network disk».

Program Clone Remover is interactive therefore the user will not have any complexities at work with it. The work occurs in the form of navigation in windows in each of which you need to choose a certain option. Naturally that the choice of such option will give the chance to choose a new option in a new window, etc.

In the software there are several base windows.

The first window is «the choice of duplicate file type to search». In this window you can choose what you want to search and remove.

The second window is «the choice of the location to search and remove duplicate files. As I spoke besides of standard folders you can search in archives, network disks, etc.

The third window is for the search of duplicate files.

Besides, in the tool you can choose what duplicate files you want to remove (copy, etc.) as well as the removal window.