How to delete duplicate files

Have you ever reflected why having copied the next film or mp3 track you found out with surprise that your hard-drive is already full? Still recently it allowed you to have thousand folders with the necessary and unnecessary information, and now this time has ended? If you have reflected then the program of Clone Remover is for you.

Why is it? Because the main reason of this situation are duplicate files on a hard-drive. The amount of duplicate files can hardly be checked. Just imagine how often we copy DVD folders, the large programs containing lots of audio, video files and images. They pass under new names from new programs, folders but remain the same in the maintenance. And instead of one track you have 5 Beoynce’s duplicate tracks. And if the question is about of large files which litter your hard-drive? Besides we do not speak about the cases when the user loads on the computer duplicate files not remembering about presence of the original ones. In fact there are thousands of files!

What is it necessary to make? The answer is obvious. To delete duplicate files. Clone Remover will help you with it. The program is very simple in work. To delete duplicate files it is enough to establish the program and to pass dialogue with a wizard. It includes stages: what you want to make, what duplicate files you want to search and delete, where to search. It is enough to choose a type of duplicate files which you want to search and delete and a place on a hard-drive. To delete duplicate files you will need to wait while the program will find, analyze and present duplicate files. Clone Remover searches and delete duplicate files among folders, files of programs, mp3 files and images.

Found out duplicate files you only need to delete duplicate files having removed them, having moved in a basket or a special folder. The result is an increase in free space on a hard-drive and an opportunity to look and listen all that you want. Places will suffice for everybody!