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The computer is a difficult system filled with a large quantity of files. It is practically unreal to understand all its subtleties as, probably, in human body ones. There is one more thing uniting these two systems – human organism and computer – that is a presence of not only positive elements but also useless or even negative ones created by the system as a by-product. To struggle with this wastes we use medicines and doctor’s help. And what to do with "wastes" of PC activity? Obviously, it is necessary to call "doctor" too - after all who can else diagnose and destroy "wastes"? Here we will talk about the best "doctor" for today - an unique and universal program of computer dust clean up named Disk Cleaner.

As we said both in the human body and in the computer there is a set of a various wastes and useless file dust. To diagnose its presence Disk Cleaner should know its type. What types of computer dust exist?

Firstly, junk files. They are files created without your participation by various PC programs. They are absolutely useless for computer.

Secondly, system files created in corresponding folders (for example, Windows recent folder or Windows temp folder). They are also unnecessary for you.

Thirdly, temp Internet files. Probably, you have already guessed a principle of their occurrence in the system. Yes they are created at the work in Internet and they are useless wastes of computer activity.

Duplicate files. These are copies of files which are in the system that’s why the advantage of them is not present but the superfluous place on the disk is guaranteed.

Registry. This type of "waste" differs from the above-named ones as it presents "beaten" references to files in Windows Registry. For registry clean up it is necessary to choose "search" and Disk Cleaner will found them and offer you registry cleaning. Thus, Disk Cleaner using will be the answer to your question «how to clean registry». Why is registry cleaning so important? Because they are not only superfluous files hammered your disk space but also problems in work of Windows Registry which is very important component of the system. Registry clean up will help you to solve the problem and the question “how to clean my registry” will leave in the past.

Incorrect shortcuts. This type of "waste" is similar with previous one but formed not in Windows Registry. If pressing on a shortcut doesn’t open the program necessary to you, and informs that the shortcut doesn’t work, it is an incorrect shortcut. You can be assured that Disk Cleaner will find many tens or hundreds of such incorrect shortcuts.

As you see the PC "is rich" in superfluous wastes of the activity - not less than the human organism. But is it a problem when Disk Cleaner exists? The program will become a personal doctor for your PC, will find all its defects, suggest to get rid of them and perform all necessary work itself. You can be assured, your computer will become more powerful, faster, and of course more “purely”. After all it is much better to be good than patient, isn’t it?