remove junk files, find junk files, clean junk files

Disk Cleaner is an universal program on PC clean up from stuff. What is stuff, you ask? Diversified one about which we will talk. The main thing is to know that sometimes computer stuff is not less or even more than the standing information. There is no advantage of it, but you are guaranteed to spent gigabytes of disk space and decrease efficiency of computer work.

Working with Disk Cleaner you can be assured that you will receive a universal remedy of struggle against computer dust. For example, on a disk there were formed much junk files - ones about which existence you did not suspect because of their creation with various computer programs without your conduction. Do you want to remove junk files? All you need is to choose a corresponding folder, to press on “search”, find junk files and clean junk files. Thus, it will be not difficult to find and remove junk files. Disk Cleaner is intuitively clear as you will have to do similar operations to clean other junk files. What exactly kinds of junk files, you ask? Here are some examples.

Duplicate files. They are the same copies of files you have already had on the computer. Differently, it means again gigabytes of disk space spent for nothing.

Temp Internet files. They are created at your work in Internet and display files remained in cash if you want to repeat reference to web-page. For example, temporary Internet files, cookies, History, etc.

Temp system files. They are created when some system programs keep on your disk files necessary for them to work further. They are usually formed in Windows prefetch folder, Windows recent folder, Windows temp folder and Recycle Bin.

Incorrect shortcuts. «Sorry the file X isn’t found» is a phrase which should signal about presence of an incorrect shortcut. If you think that there are only a few of such shortcuts on PC you are mistaken. Most likely, there are tens or even hundreds of them. Disk Cleaner will help you to find and remove them.

Do you remember we have named Disk Cleaner an universal program? It is not casual. It does not only delete dust from your computer, but also carries out set of other pleasant actions. Here are some of them.

Startup manager. It is an excellent means for management of programs you wish to start at system start.

Uninstaller. This powerful tool will approach to you if you wish to remove some programs.

File Attribute. By means of this option you can easily change attributes of any file: to make it read only, archive, system or hidden. Or to change date time (creation or modification).

If you want to safely wipe some file use means named File wiper.

Ending our preliminary acquaintance with Disk Cleaner, we will again ask the question: why to hold the PC dust which does not bring advantage and occupies additional disk space? May be it is easier to remove it?