Double file finder, find double files, double mp3, double songs in iTunes

You bought a new computer and are in seventh heaven. Your pc works perfectly and quickly. You are visiting the Internet every day and make hundreds of downloads - texts, photos, music, audio, images. Everything goes like clockwork.

But then one day you notice that your computer has become slower. You're wondering – it’s absolutely new! What should you do? You refer to your friends and all give different, sometimes opposite tips and recommendations, but the answer is obvious. Remove duplicates. Clone Remover will help you to do this. The utility is very easy to use. To find duplicate files and to eliminate clones it’s enough to install the tool on your computer and go through a kind of dialogue with the guide (who will be a funny mole). During the dialogue, you will need to pass the following stages: what do you want to do, what kind of duplicates you want to search for and dedupe, where to look. Simply choose the type of duplicate files that you want to deduplicate and the appropriate location on your hard drive. To remove double files, you just have to wait until the software is looking for and deleting double files. Then, the program will analyze and present the results of your search. Clone Remover searches and deletes duplicates of folders, it can find duplicate images music, find duplicate email or , programs, mp3 files like a duplicate mp3 finder.

After finding and removing duplicates or eliminate duplicate files, which you need to get rid of, you can copy files, perform deduplication, move to the Recycle Bin or to a special folder. The result will increase free space on your hard drive and the ability to watch and listen to whatever you want. There's room for everyone!

Search for duplicate files is performed in the following ways:
-Search by contents - files may have different names but similar content. For example, a file with your photo, picture or image may be in the directory C: My Pictures, and also D: Temporary files. And at the same time file names can not match.
-Search by mp3 title - this method can be used to find duplicate music. Many people know that an mp3 file contains information about the song title, artist and album. Search by mp3 titles uses exactly this data.
-Search by properties - you can find duplicate files by name and (or) size.
-Delete double images (jpg, bmp, png, psd and others) that differ in resolution. Or the same size, but one of them has a small caption and the other does not.
-Files with zero size.
After searching the program displays a list of found files. Then you can immediately clean your pc or laptop, or your ipad, ipod. To compare the results, it is possible to run the files with third-party finders or viewers.

Thus, with Clone Remover you can remove duplicate pictures automatically. Install the good special program to help remove double files. You can free download this software for free and install it on your computer. Double file finder is designed for the Windows operating system: windows, xp, vista, seven, 7. The duplicate deletion is an important task, therefore perform the deduplication regularly. The functionality of the program allows you to remove duplicate files automatically and quickly. This is the best program to search for duplicates.

The role of the computer is great and we use it for collecting various files. The hard drive is not unlimited, so check that there are no duplicate files. Check your file collection for duplicates. The good program will help to find duplicate files. Install the program and search for duplicate files.