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Program Clone Remover was initially created as the program that is capable to solve various problems in the field of search and removal of duplicate files. For this purpose its founders constantly improve Clone Remover’s functionality building in the program new functions and possibilities.

For today the duplicate email remover can search and delete duplicate files practically in any directory beginning from a folder and archive and finishing network disks and i-Tunes. Separate feature of the duplicate email finder is the search and removal of duplicate e-mails in program Microsoft Outlook.

To find duplicate emails and to remove duplicate emails it is necessary to start the program, to choose option «Search for duplicates e-mails in Microsoft Outlook» and to wait while the duplicate email remover will find these duplicates. Then to remove duplicate files.

As the practice shows very much in work in the program depends on complexity of interface and convenience of functional. The duplicate email finder Clone Remover in the unique image combines convenience of the interface and simplicity of working kind with complexity of functional and possibilities to solve a problem in some minutes.

Pay attention that all work process in the duplicate e-mail remover to find duplicate emails and to remove duplicate emails occupies some steps. Let's more in detail consider all these steps.

Firstly, program start. To start the program, special knowledge or abilities are not necessary. It’s enough to choose a label of the program and to press it for start. The program label can be in the main menu or on a desktop.

Secondly, the choice of the basic action in the program. In the duplicate e-mail finder there are some variants of work like «find duplicates of files», «search for copies of certain files», «remove the files earlier moved to a separate folder», «open sheet of duplicates from a file», «search for duplicates e-mails in Microsoft Outlook». We will choose the first option as the basic one in work.

Thirdly, the choice of criteria of files for search. You can make this choice in the new opened window. You can search for full duplicates (that is the files having completely an identical content), similar images, mp3/ogg/wma files with similar tags, files with the identical name and the size. Besides, in the program search of empty files, that is the files having the zero size is provided.

Fourthly, the choice of directory for search. The user can make this choice in a following window. In this window the program represents the possibility of the choice of that directory which in your opinion should contain duplicate files. The window contains a tree of folders which have hierarchical structure. In this window the user can choose such directories for search as archive, network disk, folder, i-Tunes. Accordingly the more the size of directory for search is the more productive it is. It is only necessary to remember that the size of directory directly influences time of search. For example, search of duplicate files in a small folder will occupy some seconds and it will occupy not one minute on all disk.

Fifthly, the search of duplicates. Actually the program itself automatically spends such search. About its time look above.

Sixthly, the selection of the found duplicate files for the further work. It is possible to choose both one file, and all ones. Or a little of them.

At last, you need to carry out the last action i.e. to remove duplicate files, to copy them, to transfer to a separate folder or to remove to the Recycle Bin. The choice is for you.

As practice shows to it is not necessary work in program Clone Remover to have any professional skills or experience. The program will be easily mastered even by beginners.