duplicate file finder

Imagine a big basket filled with dust. It is an unpleasant show, isn't it? And a computer filled with a heap of unnecessary second-grade files like programs, music and video makes such an unpleasant impression. And all this is of the set of duplicate files formed in it.

Really, what are duplicate files if not just dust (is that dust except as duplicate files) – unnecessary and useless? It is like to buy 100 ice-creams for yourself – there are a lot of expenses, and there is no sense in it. The problem becomes complicated because unlike ice-cream purchase we can’t always track hit of duplicate files on our PC drive. It is necessary to find and remove duplicate files which are there. For this purpose you need Clone Remover.

Why Clone Remover? Firstly this duplicate file finder is very simple and convenient. In the program there are practically no difficult menus and panels of tools. This duplicate file remover is interactive, and allows users to solve one or another problem in a live dialogue.

Secondly, Clone Remover is really universal. The program works with all the actions that can be executed by a duplicate files removal. Do you want to find duplicate files? There are no problems. Do you want to delete duplicate files? There are no problems too. Clone Remover will help you to choose the type of duplicate files, their location, to make the list of duplicate files you want to remove. Thanks to the duplicate file finder you can choose the way of duplicate files removal – for example, to copy, remove in a recycle bin or a special folder.

By the way, by means of this program it is possible to find and delete duplicate files not only in the basic folders, but also in RAR and ZIP archives. It is very convenient, if you have a lot of archives to keep a heap of files.

If you want to create a network disk – please, create it. And remove duplicate files there. By the way, then this network disk can be removed easily also.

The interesting novelty is that you can keep results of duplicate files search in a special MRS file. Probably, in the future it will be useful for you.

All your travel in the duplicate file remover you will be accompanied by amusing moleskin. It will be your interlocutor answering all your questions – how to find and remove duplicate files.

And now once again look at that basket we have already spoken about. What has changed, you ask? Much – the basket became empty having released from unnecessary dust. It is much better, isn’t it?