duplicate file removal, duplicate files removal

Have you ever thought of why there is no hard disk space on PC constantly? Why having copied on the hard disk the next film you found out with surprise that there stay only some megabytes on PC?

The often reason is a big number of duplicate files. Duplicate files are formed if there are a plenty of files and folders on PC and it is difficult for you to track all them. For duplicate files removal many efforts are required. Certainly it is possible to check up manually the hard disk but if there are thousand files the business is hopeless. You’ll be helped by Clone Remover software for duplicate file removal that is a new tool for ones whose time and hard disk space size are dear.

The program is very simple in usage. It has an intuitively clear interface as well as it is constructed on dialogue with wizard (a pleasant moleskin). You ask questions (what you want to do), Clone Remover answers you. As the basic program functions are search and duplicate files removal questions are connected to it.

Having started the program you’ll have to decide what you want to make - to search duplicate files, to open the duplicate files list (if you has already used Clone Remover and kept result as a mrs-file) or to restore earlier removed duplicate files. If you are a beginner it is better to press the first option (it is basic one).

Certainly for duplicate file removal it is necessary to know what duplicate files to remove. Clone Remover gives a wide spectrum of files and search bases. You can search for duplicate files under the identical contents, similar name and size, identical image (for images) or zero files. All this is a computer dust which is not necessary for you as well as litters your hard disk space.

For additional selection it is possible to use "filter". It will allow you to adjust search on expansion, size, date or attributes. Remember more concrete your inquiry will be the less search area and speed will be.

The original filter role is also carried out with the following program window you need to choose a search directory in. If you count majority of duplicate files is on certain disk or folder you can choose them. The principle is the less search area the faster it is too.

When preparatory measures are completed the program starts the most important thing is a duplicate files search. The software shows the search result in the following window. Clone Remover gives you set of opportunities for search results usage. You can allocate them all or separately, to start as the separate programs, to keep result as a mrs-file (remember we has already spoke about it?).

But the main thing (for which Clone Remover it is intended) is certainly duplicate files removal. With the program help you can make duplicate files removal for practically all files, move them to a recycle bin (if you are not sure in the further duplicate files destiny) or a special folder. A choice is for you. Only remember that the decision should be cautious: who knows, maybe the files will be useful to you?

Clone Remover has many other additional tools for duplicate files removal. Besides search in the basic folders and directories you can search for duplicate files in rar and zip archives. If you have a lot of archives on PC choose this option by search (it is in the window of search directory choice).

Other interesting tool is an opportunity to mount (and to dismount) network disks on PC. Everything you need it is to choose a network folder and to appoint to it a disk letter. After new disk creation the program can search for duplicate files in it.

And it is not yet all. However to get acquainted with Clone Remover closer and to find out about it many secrets buy the license software version. Having given small money you’ll overlook for ever about duplicate file removal problem.