Find duplicate files? – Easy!

Sooner or later everything comes to an end. Your newly-installed hard drive is no exception. But before you get yourself a new memory disc, it might be a good idea to make a thorough cleaning at your current disc and remove all duplicates. Maybe after a bout of cleaning the problem of free space will not be as vexed. You need to know that after having downloaded a lot of information from the Internet or copied it from one folder to another, you get a huge number of duplicate files left here and there. They are of no use and simply waste the space of your disk. It is very important to remove duplicate files from time to time.

And here you have two alternatives: either to remove duplicates with your own hands, or to use specially designed software. Searching for duplicates yourself takes way too much time and effort; it is simply inconvenient. The much easier way is to use one of the targeted utilities, which will make the bigger part of work for you. So, if you are ready for your hard disc revision, all you need is to choose the most appropriate tool. This kind of utilities is called Duplicate Finder. If searches for duplicate files, zero-size files and same filenames on your PC. According to the current settings, it can remove or not the search-results. Duplicate File Finder is very simple to use, but it is also a very effective tool. Using Duplicate Remover you may find duplicate mp3 files, duplicate images and even video.

It should be noted here that duplicate files remover searches not only for exact file duplicates, but also for duplicate images and duplicate music. Which is more, it allows even to find fuzzy match, if certain files have little difference. By making some very simple settings you might exclude certain folders from scanning.

The search results for duplicate files are not withdrawn as the scanning progresses. You will be able to see them only after the scanning has been completed. While the duplicate finder is working, you can watch the task progressing in the status line. You can also see here the quantity of already scanned files.

The final search results will be represented in the form of a list. It is easy to see which files are duplicates: they are marked in the list (usually every other pair of duplicate files is marked with a bright color).

Thus, using this software will save you a lot of time and increase the amount of available space on memory discs. No matter how convenient this or that duplicate file finder is, always remember – they are very reliable, but do not trust them hundred percent. Here is a good advice: you better work with utilities of the kind with a clear head and take your patience. The thing is the software might put some very important documents, images or music files on the list of duplicates even despite the fact that you have them in one copy on your PC. On the other hand, if you use it correctly and carefully – it will facilitate information bout of cleaning for you greatly.