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How to remove duplicate files? You ask what is this duplicate files? They are copies of files which get on your hard disk by thousands - itunes, ipod, mp3, images, video, etc. And now present how much superfluous place they can occupy especially if there are some same file copies on a hard disk!

Don’t you know how to remove duplicate files yet? Then look at a program novelty - Clone Remover utility which will solve the problem in some minutes. You don’t trust? Now you are convinced of it.

Start the duplicate eliminator (remember that you lose many advantages in not-licensed version). As you see the duplicate eliminator is not equipped with the "heavy" interface, there are no complex control panels in it. All you need is to answer some questions of an amusing moleskin.

The first question: what do you want to make? It is obviously to find and eliminate duplicate files. However Clone Remover enables you to make other actions: to open the duplicate files list from a file and to restore duplicate files earlier removed. They are not intended for beginners.

The second question: what do you want to search? It is perhaps most important question. It depends on the answer what results the duplicate eliminator will show you. Choosing options use an advice: the more file types you search the more objective result you receive but the longer the search is.

What files it is possible to search? Obviously anyone. But to eliminate duplicate files effectively you should specify search criteria. For example to search for only duplicate files with the identical contents or empty files (with the zero size). If the PC is considered to have similar itunes duplicate files choose the corresponding option and the itunes duplicate eliminator (i.e. Clone Remover) remove them.

Clone Remover appears to be very convenient means for music fans. Due to «files of music with identical headings» option you can easily find and eliminate duplicate files among the files having identical song headings and artist names. The duplicate eliminator allows you to specify search criteria for musical files - all you need is to choose a level of similarity for songs headings, artist names or extensions.

The third question: where to search. As you’ve already guessed the ipod duplicate eliminator can search for duplicate files both in all hard disk and in separate directories. Remember having chosen all hard disk you have a risk to wait a lot of time (the more the disk the more time) while the duplicate eliminator analyzes duplicate files.

With the program help you can easily make duplicate files search in rar and zip archives. Clone Remover suggests you an unique opportunity for duplicate files search not only in existing disks but also to create ones. Due to «create a network disk» option you can choose any common network folder and to give to it a disk letter. As you understand you can search for duplicate files on this disk too. It is easily possible to remove the network disk.

The fourth question: what to do with the found duplicate files? When the itunes duplicate eliminator finishes search it offers some variants for a choice. "To eliminate" is simply to eliminate duplicate files, of course without their restoration. «To eliminate in recycle bin» is almost the same thing. But you can always restore the files from the recycle bin that’s why it is not so radical action. "To move" - all you need is to choose a suitable folder. "To copy" - it is clear.

And at last. If something seems to be interesting you can keep search results as a mrs-file without problems. Then it is easy to return to it.

Use Clone Remover as mp3 duplicate eliminator or ipod duplicate eliminator (or as eliminator for other files) and you’ll forever forget about the duplicate files problem.