Identical file finder, find identical files, identical mp3, identical songs in iTunes

Bringing order to the hard drive is beneficial in all respects. First, after careful sorting it is easier to navigate in the recorded data – there is no need to waste time looking for movie, software, music, picture, image, audio files, etc. recently downloaded from the network. Second, due to the "general cleaning" you can clean space on your computer from identical mp3, identical songs in iTunes, identical pictures, identical images, identical photos and other duplicate files, and the space becomes larger. There is one drawback - this preventive measure takes the user too much time. That is why many users lay analysis of accumulated archives until the last moment, until they get the message “Not enough free disk space”. To save time searching for the same files, you can use a special utility - identical file finder or Outlook duplicate remover. We'll talk on this program.

Tool Clone Remover is one of the few tools to search and remove identical files or duplicate emails if there is an algorithm identifying similar files.

The program can delete identical files and eliminate duplicate files by a wizard. When selecting a directory in which a search must be performed, the user can search not only on a local, but also on a remote computer. For this program you need to install a network drive, after that it can be accessed like a normal drive.
Clone Remover has the following key features:
1. Finding and deleting duplicates accurately.
2. Finding and removing copies of music files such as mp3 (with similar tags) – you can use the tool to find duplicate mp3 or use it like itunes duplicate remover music.
3. Find and eliminate similar images.
4. You can deduplicate your pc or laptop, move the clones into the Recycle Bin, copy them, or move to a separate folder.
5. You can search and compare files on your hard disk, ipad, ipod, CD, DVD, network drives.
Clone Remover can operate on the windows platform - xp, vista, seven, 7.
Clone Remover is one of the best identical files free download finders having a guide, who asks you a few questions and executes commands according to your answers. Here's a sample dialogue with this guide:
Program: Where to look?
User: In folders with music and pictures.
Program: What to look for?
User: Exact duplicates, similar images and some of the same mp3 tags (artist, song title).
It searches for and displays the result.
The user selects the unwanted files manually or lets the program do this.
Program: What to do with those files?
User: Delete them!

Clone Remover can be useful to those who downloads and listens to music using the iTunes player. In this case, Clone Remover can dedupe the same songs, during the deduplication process iTunes must be running. After the search you can select at the touch of a group of files at once, repeating the already existing ones. To do this, you should first set up a filter that determines the properties of the copies, for example, select only files with the extension repetitions JPG. Without a doubt, iTunes fans will like Clone Remover.

So, the good program Clone Remover will help you get rid of hundreds of different files which are identical. With this program, you can bring and maintain order on the hard drive of your computer or laptop, thus ensuring its safe and fast operation. Using the good program Clone Remover you can remove duplicates simply and easily. . It's time to take advantage of a program to find identical files, namely the software Clone Remover by Moleskinsoft company.