How To Remove iTunes Duplicates

Being widely spread among music collectors, iTunes developed by Apple (Macintosh) provides a full range of media player features (.mp3, .wma, .ogg, .acc) and even more, leaving a single issue for the music fans to be solved – how to delete duplicate audio files from iTunes library (be it Mac or Windows). A handy solution is realized in iTunes Duplicate Music Remover (also known as Clone Remover program) utility for Windows by Moleskinsoft.

What causes file duplication

iTunes 7.6 features such media processing aspects as converting music files into various formats, reading and saving files from CDs, synchronization with iPod players and the possibility to download music from iTunes Music Store. If the music collection on PC is sufficiently big, it may be too time- and effort-consuming to check for all possible dupes. As a result the library gets overloaded with the items to be deleted, such as numerous file copies or dead links.

Clone Remover Look-and-Feel

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover is a system software, allowing to conduct duplicate file checks direct in the intuitive interface of iTunes or other functions like finding image files or excel row dupes on the computer. Users of Windows (Vista as well) will find the program simple and productive, though its free fully functional trial release is available for 20 days only. At least this time is quite enough to completely clean iTunes library with an mp3 duplicate remover.

Duplicate file management

Clone Remover lets quickly find duplicate or non-existing music or video files and manage their links in iTunes library so that the links can be sorted and displayed according to the search options. Each duplicate music file can be removed from the hard drive together with its link in the library. Files deleted by the duplicate remover are saved in a system folder, from where they can be removed or restored at will.

Duplicate search modes

Search filters in Duplicate Music Remover by Moleskinsoft are user-adjustable in the way that copies may be found due to given characteristics. The program detects duplicates by their size, resolution (whenever it’s used for pic dupe search), creation date, path on hard drive, or any other demanded attributes. Clone Remover utility provides search of differently named dupes by mp3 title or differently sized – by properties. Due to selected search conditions the utility quickly detects the similarities of files like “05-Jefferson Airplane – It’s no secret” and “Jefferson Aeroplane – It is no secret”. Creating user search filters and digging zero-sized songs is allowed as well.

Synchronization with iPod

iTunes supports synchronization with apple’s iPod players, so that music files can be copied to iPod from the library and managed with iTunes 7.6. With the help of Duplicate Music Remover utility search for similar mp3 files may be conducted for music folders in player’s memory in order to save space on iPod.

Windows Requirements
* 32-bit editions of Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista
* 64-bit editions of Windows Vista
* 500 MHz Pentium class processor or better
* QuickTime 7.1.6 or later
* 256MB RAM
* Supported CD-R or DVD-R drive to burn CDs
* Broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable/LAN) for buying and streaming music

Additional Video Requirements
* 2GHz Pentium class processor or better
* 512MB RAM
* 32MB video RAM