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As practice shows, only good and reliable program can analyze, find and remove duplicate files.

Outlook duplicate remover works in the market of software in the field of search and removal of duplicate files for not one year. Among the basic advantages of the outlook duplicate finder is search and removal of duplicate files, search in such directories as a folder, a network disk, archive, i-Tunes, outlook delete duplicate and outlook find duplicates.

This experience helps outlook duplicate finder Clone Remover to be improved and developed constantly reaching new possibilities and boundaries.

All functional possibilities can be divided in the program into two directions conditionally: search and removal of duplicate files. Search of duplicate files is a preliminary stage in which course the outlook find duplicates program establishes criteria of search and defines the directory in which the program will search for duplicate files. Removal of duplicate files is the procedure of direct disposal of duplicates from the PC.

Search of duplicate files begins with definition of basic criteria of search. In program Clone Remover there are such two criteria – type of duplicate file and a site directory.

The duplicate type is file clone’s type which user can search on the disk. For example, similar images, full duplicates (with identical contents), files with identical name and size. A separate category of files is empty files with zero size. Certainly, it’s not absolutely the type of files which can be carried to duplicates but uselessness of files of this kind is also obvious to computer and user.

The search directory in the outlook duplicate remover is understood as a folder or other directory in which as the user considers there are duplicate files. This criterion of search defines search space, results of search (how many and what duplicates will be found), as well as period of search. It is necessary to pay special attention on the last factor. The matter is that the period of search directly depends on the directory’s size. The more the directory’s size the longer the search is (it is clear – the computer should analyze more files and disk space). Therefore while definition a directory for outlook find duplicates and outlook delete duplicate it is necessary to choose an optimum variant.

Duplicate files removal. It is clear that duplicate files removal should be begun only after search of file clones when you have ready results of search. Before the removal it is necessary to choose the duplicate files you’re going to remove. In the outlook duplicate finder you can choose both one file, and a little, as well as all found files.

Pay attention that though duplicate files removal is the basic procedure in the program you can’t only delete the found clones. You can copy also them, move to a special folder, delete to the Recycle Bin. You choose.

All these possibilities if Clone Remover are successfully combined with convenient and interactive interface. Throughout all your work you pass through some interactive windows in which the user is offered to choose one of several variants of answer (in certain cases – some variants of several ones). Thus the user doesn’t need to suspect what button to press or what option to choose. The program logically brings the user to the choice of the option which he needs.

The successful interface, interactive mode and efficiency in work allow to consider Clone Remover to be one of the most successful novelties in the market of programs of such level.