Remove duplicate files

In our age of rapid changes, when a hard drive makes it possible to store billions of files on it, it becomes more and more difficult to find the information we need. The large amount of free space on hard drives allows us to copy a DVD with images and music to it, another DVD later, and then more and more. Or you can download whole bunches of necessary files from the network without thinking much whether you already have these files. As a result, a lot of duplicate files turn out to be stored on your computer.

It is hardly possible to find and remove duplicate files manually. But special software can help you with that, for example, Clone Remover – a program for deleting duplicate files. Its main features:
1.Finding and removing exact file duplicates.
2.Finding and removing music files, such as mp3 (by similar tags).
3.Finding and removing similar images.
4.Removing duplicates, moving them to the Windows Recycle Bin, copying or moving them to a separate folder.
5.Searching your hard drives, CDs, DVDs, network drives.

Clone Remover is very easy to use because it is designed in the form of a wizard that will ask you several questions and perform operations according to your answers. Here's a sample dialog:
Program: Where to search?
User: Search those folders with audio files and those folders with images.
Program: What to search for?
User: Exact duplicates, similar images and some mp3 files with the same tags (artist, name).
Program: Performs the search and shows you the result.
User: Selects unnecessary files manually or allows the program to do it.
Program: What to do with the selected files?
User: Delete them!

That's how easy it is to remove duplicate files.