Repeated file finder, find repeated files, repeated mp3, repeated in iTunes

Repeated mp3, repeated pictures, repeated images, repeated photos are the result of exchange of multimedia collections with friends and colleagues, while storing the e-mail attachments from various email clients, or synchronizing with your PDA. Users understand that cleaning up disk space is needed, but to deal with thousands of digital photos or MP3-tracks on the computer or iPad, iPod is sometimes difficult, moreover, this procedure of deduplication takes a lot of time. Come to the aid of Clone Remover and other programs to remove repeated files. They will take care of the order on the disc! We recommend the program Clone Remover, which is designed to do away with "clones" on the hard disk. Clone Remover is a commercial repeated file finder for Windows platform: xp, vista, seven, 7 by MoleskinSoft. The software can find repeated files and eliminate repeated files in a folder or group of folders or even repeated in iTunes using several duplication-checking parameters and filters, useful to help free up hard drive space on your computer or laptop.

The duplicate finder Clone Remover opens with a wizard interface, allowing you to search for and to delete repeated files, looking for copies of particular files, finding and removing duplicate files, opening a list of duplicates, or searching for duplicate music or audio.

When searching for duplicate files one can use utility Clone Remover as duplicate images finder to search picture and image files for complete duplicates (files with identical contents), similar images, multimedia files with similar tags, files with similar names and sizes, and / or empty files. You can also perform duplicate files removal or duplicate files removal music using filters based on their names, sizes, creation dates, and you can compare or dedupe files with read-only and / or hidden attributes. In addition, Program Clone Remover or iTunes duplicate remover can keep clean your RAR and ZIP archives, though deleting clones or deduplicate in the archives will increase the search times.

Now several expert tips:
Initially, before you start the destruction of the "twins" you must instruct the program what and where to look. You can specify a search of the "twins" at one or all at once on your hard drive. However, remember that in this case, the list of hits will display thousands of records, and attempt to quickly deal with them is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, you must act as follows.
1. Select the folder or hard drive partition where you want to search for duplicates.
2. Specify certain file formats, such as for photos, select a JPG or TIF, and for recorded music - WMA or MP3.
3. Specify whether the file should be considered a duplicate. The tool is guaranteed to reveal the "doubles" if we compare the files by size and content.
When you first started to free up your computer from duplicates, you will almost certainly get a long list of thousands of records. Of course, you can close your eyes and remove all in one time! However, in this case, you risk losing your valuable files used by installed applications or by Windows. Therefore, we urge you to observe basic safety rules.
1. Before you start removing make a backup of the data.
2. Make sure that search excludes the folders: \ Windows and C: \ Program Files.
3. The following file formats should be excluded from the search: . dll, *.inf, *.drv, *.ini, *.sys, *.lnk and *.exe.
4. Exclude from the search those drives that are backed up, otherwise the program will take them for "twins".

Thus, the search for duplicate files begins with a good software installation. We offer a special program that helps you to find duplicate files or remove duplicate pictures. This is the best program to find duplicate files or duplicate from iPad. You can free download this software and install it on your PC. The program is really one of the best what is confirmed by the number of downloads. Same or duplicate files take up the necessary space on your hard disk. Make the regular deduplication. The functionality of the program can find duplicate files automatically and quickly.