Restoring files moved to a separate folder earlier

Those who use our software often ask us to make it possible to restore removed file duplicates. This feature is available in Clone Remover starting from version 2.5. You can find its description below.

Suppose you have the following files:

Clone Remover has found duplicates among them and you decide to remove the files Copy-1.txt, Copy-2.txt, Copy-3.txt. But you are not sure whether you should remove them because you may need them in future. So, you decide to move them to a separate folder named C:\Reserve\ . No problems! Starting from version 2.5, Clone Remover will move the selected files together with the information that will allow you to determine the initial location of the files. To be exact, the corresponding structure of directories will be created.

For example:

Of course, you can delete the "Reserve" folder at any moment and thus permanently get rid of the duplicates. But if you suddenly move some files you need to this directory and want to get them back, you can do it manually or you can use Clone Remover.

For example, like this:
1. Start the program, select item "Restore files moved to a separate folder earlier" and click the "Next >" button.
2. Select the C:\Reserve\ folder and click the "Next >" button.
3. Select the files you need to get them back to their
initial location and click "Next >".
4. Wait some time till Clone Remover does its work.