Same file finder, find same files, same mp3, same songs in iTunes

Program Clone Remover is a rather new utility and free download duplicate file finder. The program allows in short terms (at times, for some seconds) to find duplicate files (for example, to find same pictures, same images, same photos same mp3, same songs in iTunes) and to remove them from the computer. How does the tool work? Same file finder and Outlook duplicate finder Clone Remover works in the form of windows replacing each other in which the user is offered to answer a concrete question. Each such question is as a matter of fact a command performance and answers to this question are variants of performance of the command. The windows are interconnected logically ' that is performance of one command in one window automatically translates you on performance of other command (in other program window), etc. The free duplicate file finder music consists of several basic windows. We will consider them more in detail.

“What do you want to do?” In this window the user should choose the basic direction of his activity. The optimal variant is “to find same files”.

“What do you want to search?” In this window the user should define among what types of files he wants to search for duplicates. For example, they can be the exact duplicates, similar images or simply empty files.

“Where do you want to search?” In this program window the user should define in what directory finding file clones is possible. In the program such forms of a directory as a folder, archive, network disk (which, by the way, can both be created and declined in the program) and i-Tunes are provided.

“What do you want to do with noted files?” After the duplicate files are found, the duplicate photo finder will suggest you to choose the duplicates you’re going to eliminate. After that the window “What do you want to make with noted files?” will be opened. In it you can choose such options as “to remove”, “to remove to the Recycle Bin” or “move”, or “to copy”.

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In a nutshell, Moleskinsoft Clone Remover makes the task of deleting duplicate files straightforward and fuss free. This Clone Remover can be used in several versions of Windows OS xp, vista, seven, 7. It helps the user in saving time for keeping the PC free from unnecessary clutter. The small install size and user friendliness of the software makes it an asset for the computer users. The interested people can try the software and see the difference it makes to their daily computing experience.