Moleskinsoft Clone Remover version history

Version 3.8
1. Search for duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook.

Version 3.7
1. The new graphic design(icons, pictures) is added.

Version 3.6
1. The help button is added.

Version 3.5
1. The possibility to look for the copies of certain files is added.

Version 3.4
1. The new way to choose folders for duplicates search is added.

Version 3.3
1. Now you can find and remove duplicate files in iTunes.

Version 3.2
1. Now you can find out the reasons of why duplcate files are not removed.

Version 3.1
1. The possibility to save the report about duplicates in txt, html, csv file formats is added.

Version 3.0
1. There is appeared a possibility to search for folders duplicates.

Version 2.9
1. The opportunity of automatic checking is expanded. Now it is possible to specify folders you shouldn’t automatically check in. It is also possible to specify files types which are impossible to check automatically. For example this opportunity will be useful if you want to check and remove duplicate files in a term folder but you don’t want to delete files from a folder with music and images.

Version 2.8
1. Now you'll have a possibility sort search output table.
2. You can search for duplicate files with ogg and wma format by tags.

Version 2.7
1. Now it is possible to search for duplicates of audio files by their tags specifying the correspondence rate in percentage. That is, this version of the program will find track duplicates whose names are: "Good Song" and "Song's Good".
2. Now it is possible to search for file duplicates specifying the correspondence rate.

Version 2.6
1. Now the program has a filter by mask, size, creation (last modification, last access) date and attributes. Read more
2. Minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 2.5
1. Restoring files moved to a separate folder earlier. Read more

Version 2.4
1. Now it is possible to select files of certain extensions.
2. Now it is possible to see the total number of found duplicates and the number of selected files.
3. It is possible to see artists and albums when duplicates of mp3 files are displayed.

Version 2.3
1. Now it is possible to view image thumbnails right in the result table.
2. Now you will see warnings if you try to search the system folders changes in which may affect the integrity of the Windows OS.

Version 2.2
1. Network drives are supported.

Version 2.1
1. Search is now faster.

Version 2.0
1. The appearance has been completely revised. Now the interface is intuitive and clear even for an inexperienced user.

Version 1.9
1. New features for automatic file selection are now available.
2. Now only after you select files, you can select what to do with them: delete, move to the Recycle Bin, copy, move.

Version 1.8
1. Now it is possible to find similar images.
2. The program used to freeze a bit while searching archives (RAR, ZIP). Fixed.

Version 1.7
1. It is possible to search RAR and ZIP archives and also self-extracting EXE archives (SFX) for duplicates.

Version 1.6.2
1. You can minimize the program to the system tray for the time of search.
2. The search is accompanied by animation near the main program icon.
3. Zero-size files and files that had read errors are shown on separate tabs in the results page.

Version 1.6.1
1. The search has been sped up.

Version 1.6
1. The built-in viewer of found files has been added. The viewer automatically detects and shows (plays) the following file types: images, music, Internet documents (html), Office documents.

Version 1.5.1
1. The search has been sped up.
2. The number of the file being processed is displayed during a search for the same files.
3. Temporary freeze during a search for duplicates has been fixed.
4. A process bar has been added when saved results are being opened.

Version 1.5
1. Selecting the search method: by contents, by mp3 tags, by properties (file name, size). All methods were used at once during a search in the previous version.
2. The process of analyzing file duplicates has been sped up.
3. A popup menu has been added to the list of found files.

Version 1.4
1. Searching for the same mp3 music files by their tags.
2. Searching for the same files by their names.
3. Saving/loading search results.

Version 1.3
1. Searching for files by mask groups.
2. Excluding some folders from searching. 3. Running and viewing found files.
4. Displaying the properties of found files.
5. Selecting all files except for the one specified in the group.
6. Search has been sped up.

Version 1.2
1. Saving search parameters.
2. Automatically selecting search results by folders.
3. Interrupt operations with files.

Version 1.1
1. Editing search results in a convenient way: deleting, copying, moving the duplicate files you need.
2. Saving search results to a file.
3. Limiting the minimum size of files to search among.
4. Supporting Windows XP styles.
5. Multilingual support.

Version 1.0
First release

More info:Duplicate file finder