File duplicate search filter

If you want to search for file duplicates only among files of a certain type, the filter feature will help you. It will considerably speed up the duplicate search.

Let me dwell upon it. So, you run the program and are in the search criterion selection step. Click the "Filter…" button and you will see several tabs in the new dialog box. You select some parameters and click the "OK" button. The dialog box is closed and the filter will be applied later during the search.

Now more details about the filter. Here is the description of its tabs:
1) Mask – allows you to search for files with a certain name or extension or, vice versa, exclude these files from the duplicate search. For your convenience, you can click the "Choose" button and choose among already existing groups of masks. Such as: audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, etc.), image files (pictures, photos), video files, document files, executable files, temporary files. Also, you can configure your own groups of masks. To do it, click the "Choose" button and click «Configure file type groups…» in the new dialog box.
2) Size – allows you to search for files of a certain size. Allows you to search for files whose size is greater than the specified size, less than the specified size, equal to the specified size and for files whose size is within the range of the specified sizes.
3) Date – allows you to search for duplicates with a certain date of creation, modification or last access. You should select a date period and select the date type. You can select one date. In this case, the search among files whose dates are later or earlier than the specified one will be carried out.
4) Attributes – allows you to find duplicates of files with certain attributes or, vice versa, exclude files with certain attributes from the search.